Most transformation requires a giving-up of comfort, or familiar. Those of us in the “industry of transformation” have different jargon to describe it, but regardless of how we talk about it, ultimately it’s our choice to release and be willing to experience something other than what we already know.
In October, I decided I was willing to stop “being right” about what my body was and wasn’t capable of. I started working with Hal Miller as my personal trainer. I probably sold him all my limits and fears, to which he said, “I got you.” As a person and a trainer, Hal is both a challenger and a gentle soul. Sometimes even from tenderness he helps me push myself.
Now my fitness gets to be about me and my relationship with my body, creation, and fun, instead of my fears & concerns about how it’s supposed to go or supposed to look.
If you’re looking for a partner in your own physical transformation, and you are here in NYC, I highly recommend you let him run the next leg of your journey with you 😊🙏🏻 🏋🏻‍♂️ THANK YOU, HAL!!!
— -Laura

Before I started training with Hal, my exercise regimen was yoga twice a week, some light cycling and occasional hiking. But I felt flatlined at a certain strength and fitness level and I was looking to ramp up my game. So I took up Hal’s five week, twice-a-week weight training course. Not only has his course changed the game for me - I’ve now graduated to a more advanced yoga level, am cycling twice as much and have just finished hiking one of the toughest trails in the Northeast - but Hal has shown me how to continue the regimen we constructed together at the gym on my own. Hal makes sure that as he’s training you, you’re not only ramping up your strength, but you’re also seeing how it’s all happening. He helps you see what the exercises are exactly doing, whether they’re basic bicep curls, or more complicated rotator push ups, so that you’re equipped to shape your exercise regimen according to your needs, after you’ve started going to the gym on your own. Hal’s sessions are the boost that keeps on giving!!!!
— Carlos