I wasn’t always into fitness, committed to my health, and eating well. For years I was abusing alcohol, drugs, and food. I thought my calling was to embrace the darker side, but I came to find out that that’s not my path.  

Experiencing a lucid moment about 9 months before I bottomed out I bought a new mountain bike. Seeing that shiny ride gathering dust was a big part of what woke me up. I began to make a lot of changes and one of those was that I started training. I was committed to my program and rode everyday. My rides started small and grew to 20 miles followed by weight training at a nearby gym. Here I found encouragement, support, and the gift of seeing that I had a talent for fitness. Through the prompting of friends and my mentor I decided to become a fitness professional.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2001 and my journey has taken me to Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates Certification, and The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The most important tools that I have are my intuition, patience, empathy, and understanding of the human body. I have come to understand that although we are very different we are also very much the same. I have developed a simple method based on my experience, science, and common sense. It is an honor to help you realize your true potential.

-Hal Miller