Training should be viewed expansively. Experimenting with tools and techniques to shape and care for our bodies. No longer held back by limiting beliefs you can realize your true potential. My mission is to tap into your strength, intensity and intuition. Giving you the ability to create a life of balance, peace, and spontaneity.


My Mission

Maybe some of the beliefs you have about yourself and the gym, the run, the ride, the class, the climb or whatever your challenge is are true. Perhaps they are not.

Maybe you are stronger, more powerful, and smarter than you think you are.

Maybe the way that you’ve been feeling can change.

My Job as your trainer is to support your efforts through proper technique, lifestyle change and self awareness. I created IFC because fitness is my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else. The results are in you. Together we can bring them out.




I wasn’t always into fitness, committed to my health, and eating well. For years I was abusing alcohol, drugs, and food. I thought my calling was to embrace the darker side, but I came to find out that that’s not my path.  

Experiencing a lucid moment about 9 months before I bottomed out I bought a new mountain bike. Seeing that shiny ride gathering dust was a big part of what woke me up. I began to make a lot of changes and one of those was that I started training. I was committed to my program and rode everyday. My rides started small and grew to 20 miles followed by weight training at a nearby gym. Here I found encouragement, support, and the gift of seeing that I had a talent for fitness. Through the prompting of friends and my mentor I decided to become a fitness professional.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2001 and my journey has taken me to Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates Certification, and The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The most important tools that I have are my intuition, patience, empathy, and understanding of the human body. I have come to understand that although we are very different we are also very much the same. I have developed a simple method based on my experience, science, and common sense. It is an honor to help you realize your true potential.

-Hal Miller


Hal is based out of Hype Gym located at 37 Union Sq. West. 2nd floor.

Or I can come to you.


(917) 912-1432



Most transformation requires a giving-up of comfort, or familiar. Those of us in the “industry of transformation” have different jargon to describe it, but regardless of how we talk about it, ultimately it’s our choice to release and be willing to experience something other than what we already know.
In October, I decided I was willing to stop “being right” about what my body was and wasn’t capable of. I started working with Hal Miller as my personal trainer. I probably sold him all my limits and fears, to which he said, “I got you.” As a person and a trainer, Hal is both a challenger and a gentle soul. Sometimes even from tenderness he helps me push myself.
Now my fitness gets to be about me and my relationship with my body, creation, and fun, instead of my fears & concerns about how it’s supposed to go or supposed to look.
If you’re looking for a partner in your own physical transformation, and you are here in NYC, I highly recommend you let him run the next leg of your journey with you 😊🙏🏻 🏋🏻‍♂️ THANK YOU, HAL!!!
— -Laura

Before I started training with Hal, my exercise regimen was yoga twice a week, some light cycling and occasional hiking. But I felt flatlined at a certain strength and fitness level and I was looking to ramp up my game. So I took up Hal’s five week, twice-a-week weight training course. Not only has his course changed the game for me - I’ve now graduated to a more advanced yoga level, am cycling twice as much and have just finished hiking one of the toughest trails in the Northeast - but Hal has shown me how to continue the regimen we constructed together at the gym on my own. Hal makes sure that as he’s training you, you’re not only ramping up your strength, but you’re also seeing how it’s all happening. He helps you see what the exercises are exactly doing, whether they’re basic bicep curls, or more complicated rotator push ups, so that you’re equipped to shape your exercise regimen according to your needs, after you’ve started going to the gym on your own. Hal’s sessions are the boost that keeps on giving!!!!
— Carlos



In my experience it’s always best to have a consult first. In this hour we can define your needs, timing, and chemistry working together. Consults are $50 which covers the cost of the studio space.



LEARN - 10 one hour sessions. $1,600.00

Designed for the novice, post rehab and injury prevention client. Learn technique, alignment and programming while increasing strength, fitness and body composition.


CHANGE - 12 thirty minute sessions. $899.00

Designed to jumpstart your program, fitness maintenance, injury rehab and prevention.


GROW - 24 thirty minute sessions. $1,680.00

Designed for those getting back into shape, sports specific goals, and special event prep like a wedding or gala.


48 thirty minute sessions. $3,120.00

Designed for weight loss, body transformation, lifestyle changes and long term goals.


The Truth - 36 one hour sessions. $5,580.00

A specialized program comprised of strength, hypertrophy and HIIT. For those COMMITTED to body transformation and aesthetics with the focus on lean muscle and “seeing” results.